I Heart Donny Long T-Shirts

August 22, 2007

Personalized I Heart Donny Long T-Shirts

Do you heart Donny? We have an exclusive Donny Long Sleeve T-shirt on sale here.

Donny Long
I Heart Donny Long T-Shirts


A better way to manage a CafePress shop.

August 17, 2007

Been thinking recently of a better way to manage a POD shop.

What is the point in manually adding products to sections?
What is the point in a section?
Why do all this when we have the ability to tag?
Why can’t sections be made up automatically based on tags?

I’m in the process of  building my own system that won’t be reliant on CafePress’ shop structure.  Basically, all I care about is the product itself, I can do the arranging.  I can put it where I want.

My requirement is:

When the user creates a products it must automatically be placed in a category based on a rule.  This will thus also enable any products designed online by my customers to automatically slot where they should be, without lingering around in no mans land like they do now.  This will create a self organising shop much like a email client with the ability to filter mail into folders.

That’s the plan anyway, and I’m pleased to say it’s almost there.

SearchCP: New Email Digests

June 8, 2007

At the beginning of every day, SearchCP users will be welcomed by an email digest which includes a list of keywords that have been searched for on their search engine the previous day.

This will help users to gauge how much their search engine is being used and most of all find out exactly what people are actually looking for.

If you are a SearchCP user and would like to comment on this new feature please do so here. Thanks.

Design a T-Shirt for Father’s Day

June 6, 2007

Design Your Own Father's Day T-Shirt
Design Your Own T-Shirt for Father’s Day
for just $13.99!

CafePress Shop Keepers ordering Affiliates about

June 1, 2007

There is an angry shop keeper after my blood because he is not happy that I have some code issues on my affiliate site. I have some mirror stores on cpcoupon and he claims that it’s dysfunctional and harming his business and CafePress’ – oh and not forgetting mine.

I want to say to him > getfirefox.com you moron but I’m already being my sarcy blunt self, I don’t want to anger him anymore.

Read this:

“You are attracting potential customers to my designs but they cannot be purchased because certain links and in particular the “shopping cart” function does not work.”

“This sabotages your and my potential for making sales. You are not only hurting yourself but you are damaging me and CP even more. CP will not be willing to tolerate abuse of their affiliate program from affiliates baiting potential customer with dysfunctional content.”

Just out of interest what would you do if someone said this to you? I personally wish I’d just ignored it seeing as he’s after my blood now.

The Spreadshirt Relaunch: Introducing the Marketplace

May 30, 2007

The Spreadshirt platform relaunch is now upon us, but before we unveil is to the wider world, we’d like you to chime in. The entire site has been redeveloped from scratch, there’s one new area of the site we’re really excited to tell you about. We’ve turned our sights on improving that centre of commerce – the humble marketplace.

This should be interesting for both the shop keeper and the competition. Watch this space!

Personalized I Heart T-Shirts

March 13, 2007

Personalized I Heart T-Shirts
Personalized I Heart T-Shirts

Instant Cafe – New Version for CafePressers

March 12, 2007

I have just released v.1.2.1 of Instant Cafe Feeder – the single best Google Base Feed Generator for CafePress products.

The new version fixes a bug that arose after CafePress’ recent merchandise release.  That’s all patched up now and I’ve cleaned up a couple of things.

You can now select multiple product types from this list rather than doing it one by one.. tedious I know.  I’ve added some cool transparency to a couple of screens.  Just little touches make all the difference hey?

Oh and because the product type names are breaking world records in character length I’ve added a label that displays the full name because they are obscured in the list boxes.

In Version 1.3 – there will be some COOL features.  These will be available to Instant Cafe Supporters. More to come about that.  I’m really looking forward to that release.

You must upgrade to 1.2.1 – if you don’t you will not be able to make datafeeds for this years new products and you may be stuck with a blank product type list if you’ve hit that sync button.

Everything works now (I hope) so please download v1.2.1 here:
Download Instant Cafe Feeder

Size Up! 16+ Fashion at CafePress

March 9, 2007

Personalized Plus Size T-Shirts


 You can now design your very own I Heart, Vote For, Team, Idol, or St Patrick’s Day PLUS Size T-Shirt at Vote For Tees.com, a leading CafePress shop in personalization.

Shop now and design your very own plus size t-shirt, available in sizes 16-34.

Vote For VoteForTees.com!

March 7, 2007

Our latest Vote For President T-shirts are listed at Top08Gear.com – a t-shirt topsite list for websites and CafePress Shops selling 2008 Presidential Election T-Shirts.

Vote For President T-Shirts

Top 08 Gear

Hillary and Barack are going head to head in our T-Shirt Duel.